With over 40 years in existence we have always worked with quality as our guiding principle – and this is reflected in the reputation and reliability of our products and services.

Quality is defined by the customer when expectations are evaluated against the delivered performance. Making all efforts to meet or exceed customer expectation is a must for all successful companies.

A final acceptance test at the end of a final product assembly will eliminate the risk that bad products reaches the final customer. However, finding errors at the very end of the assembly process is very costly and inefficient. By implementing testing also in sub-assemblies will identify a process problem early which lead to quick actions and lower cost.

Leak testing equipment is a tool for quality assurance.

Leak requirements might not be obvious for all kind of products. However, some products might work excellent under normal conditions but at certain ambient conditions they might fail due to moisture ingress for an example.

Improved Quality pay leak testing equipment investments.

Reducing scrap in production and warranty claims from after market is very effective ways to increase profitability. In addition, satisfied customers are always a valuable asset.

An investment in leak test equipment will assure good products leave your factory.

Failure investigation

When products are returned after a warranty claim it sometimes can be problematic to verify the actual failure mode. If moisture has been a problem, the part might have dried since failure and it is impossible to repeat the failure. By detecting leakage rate it can be verified if the product meet its original status or not.

As leakage testing is a non-destructive test it gives early a good indication without a destroying the product.

Design validation

During development of products it can be difficult to design the optimal solution for both predictability, cost and quality. To validate different concepts early in a project minimizes costly failures later in the project. Leakage is often difficult to catch without a proper measurement.

For quality assurance Nolek can offer a range from standard table pressure measurement instruments to automated custom made machines working with pressure measurement of Helium measurement.