We started working with leak detection and leak testing way back in 1973 – and since then we have served countless customers over the globe – many of whom are long-term clients.

When our clients say why they choose us for their projects they say that our attention to detail, flexibility and service-mindedness are key factors that make it easy. Because we are passionate about what we do and sharing our knowledge of the leak testing and detection industry we run courses for our clients – it’s crucial that whatever needs they have, and whatever machine or software we have built for them, that there is a full understanding of how to operate it and how to get the most production out of it.

From our perspective the most important factors in delivering a quality service and product to our customers cover quality, and a partnership mentality.  Many leak applications and products look deceptively simple once in full operation, but it is the partnership mentality and approach that both we and our clients bring to the table that drives this simplicity. The more well-designed a product is the better value it can deliver to the users of the product. The same thing is true of quality – by always having quality as the foremost driver of our production and applications we can be sure that we can meet the demanding expectations of our clients across industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, automobiles, air-conditioning, electronics and water pumps and armature.

The first time we meet a prospective client or project the process is often similar regardless of the starting point – the initial need which has been identified from the client side can be either very specific, or be a diffuse desire to either decrease costs or increase say the speed of production. From this point our needs analysis begins and we start to design a leak testing solution in a collaborative discussion with our clients with multiple iterations back and forth until we have arrived at a design and build which is optimal for their particular needs.  Following this the product is produced, tested and then delivered for commissioning at the client – where necessary we do a physical handoff and training in use of the machine or application.

You can read more about our approach and why we think you should choose us here.