Testing for the automotive industry

A vehicle in today’s world is not as simple a machine as only a few years ago – and with the increasing complexity in today’s production come new challenges in measurements and ensuring the various systems and parts do not leak and perform to specification.  One example of how we do this is in our partnership the leading truck supplier Scania where we test many different parts of their vehicles.

We’ve tested practically all parts of a vehicle

We have had extensive experience constructing systems that test leaks in a wide variety of different parts and products within the automotive industry.  The machines we have built test, for example: engines, engine blocks, engine assemblies, clutches, transmissions/gear boxes, transmission/gear box houses, intake manifolds, intake manifold gas channels, exhaust pipes, exhaust valves, clutch plates, cylinder heads, retarder houses, crank pits, valve bodies, valve housing covers, common rail systems, all types of bearing houses, retarder bearing houses, cylinder blocks, fuel channels, fuel pipes, fuel tanks, fuel rails, fuel valves, fuel injectors, radiators, brake cylinders, calipers, fuel systems, steering servos, size controls, bed-plates, pressure tanks, tank couplings, water pumps, clutch cover, pressure cap, air pipes, filler caps, oil coolers, oil pipes, oil tanks, connectors, headlights,  transmission assemblies, ac-pipes and ac-systems.

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