We offer complete service, support and maintenance for all types of leak testing equipment through our service technicians. And using our global service network we can reach every corner of the world within a short time-span. We believe strongly in preventive maintenance to reduce expensive downtime for our clients. For those clients who require it we offer a customised support package, entirely tailored after the specific needs to each client. Please contact us to describe your needs so we can propose a tailored solution.

After-sales support

Part of our offering is naturally high-quality, after-sales support for service, calibration, training and spare parts. We know the challenge of delivering the best possible quality does not stop at the physical delivery of the products, but is an ongoing feature of quality and honest customer relationships. This page is primarily for current customers to be able to rapidly contact us, if you’d like to see more about what support arrangements we can offer then please click here.

Nolek’s on-call duty service

If you’ve already started working with us and need immediate support please use the contact details below where we have technicians on hand for rapid reply.
Regular opening hours telephone support: 7.45-16.40 CET

+46 (8) 531 942 00

Central European Time (CET):

GMT +1:00 (Central European Time)

Min. charge:

3 hours (telephone support – 1 hour)