• Nolek

    Nolek is the leading global producer of instruments and machines for leak testing, leak detection and proof testing. We divide our focus into five focus areas as shown below; customized leak test systems for the pharmaceutical industry, customized leak test systems for the general industry and our extensive range of leak test and leak detection instruments and standard products, as well as our Software Solutions and Total Service Solutions.
  • Nolek Pharma Solutions

    With almost 40 years experience in leak testing and leak detection in the pharmaceutical industry it is an understatement to say that Nolek understands the stringent demands put on medical companies from regulatory bodies.
  • Nolek Custom Engineered Systems

    Nolek is the leading expert and producer of machines and systems built for leak testing, leak detection and proof testing. From small simple fixtures to large advanced inline systems. Throughout the years Nolek has built thousands of customized systems, to leak test everything from V8 truck engine blocks to mobile phones.
  • Nolek Instruments

    Nolek has a wide offering of instruments and standard products including: Gas leak detectors, Gas charging and recovery stations, Leak testing instruments, Calibration instruments, Quick connectors, Valves and Testing software etc.
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