As everybody knows the growth in the electronics market has been truly exponential in the last couple of decades putting entirely new demands on the performance, size and quality of the constituent parts of say a mobile phone, a work PC or a work station in a demanding production environment.

Partners like Nokia and Sony Ericsson

There are a multitude of tests which can, and must, be done to ensure the quality of electronics components, many of which we have carried out many times for mobile phone giants such as  Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

The machines we have built for these and other clients test various test scenarios such as the different types of electronic parts and devices, different types of batteries, different types of casings, cellular phones, casings for cellular phones, cellular phone antennas, alarm buttons, different types of lights, amplifiers, phones, optical sensors, com radios, inc containers, electric heaters, shavers, and weapon sights etc.

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