The leak test instrument PressurizeIT S9 Lite is used to perform leak testing on products that need to be air or liquid proof. Testing with over-pressure or vacuum is carried out quicker, easier, and less expensive than testing using the product’s working media.

The S9 Lite is a “simplified” version of the S9, used for test applications in need of less advanced options e.g. fixture control or for customer that have few products they want to test with a high accuracy. The S9 Lite gives the customers their money’s worth.



It is used for leak testing with air in overpressure or vacuum, which is faster, simpler and more cost efficient than if you would conduct the test using water or oil. The measurement is carried out using one of two available methods; Differential pressure testing or Flow testing. Leak testing is the way of determining how much an object leaks, and the PressurizeIT S9 Lite uses air as a media to test that.


It can be used on all products containing any type of liquid, gas or air; e.g. water, oil, gasoline, Freon or Glycol, most products actually. These are some examples of different application areas and products that the S9 can be used for/in:

Automotive: Engine block, clutch, transmission/gear box, transmission/gear box houses, intake manifold, intake manifold gas channels, exhaust pipe, exhaust valve, clutch plate, cylinder head, retarder house, crank pit, valve body, valve housing cover, common rail systems, all types of bearing houses, retarder bearing house, cylinder blocks, fuel channel, fuel pipes, fuel tanks, radiator, brake cylinder, caliper, fuel systems, steering servo,  size control, bedplate, pressure tank, tank coupling, water pump, clutch cover, pressure cap, air pipe, filler cap.

Packaging: test for closure and seal integrity of packages for example: sterile products, ink cartridges and perishables that can be negatively affected by bacteria, oxygen and/or moisture.

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals: Blister packages, medicine bottles, medicine cans, sachets, and plasma bags etc that can be negatively affected by bacteria, oxygen and/or moisture.

Air Condition: Test several components, including: different types of valves, including: control valves, adjustment valves, ball valves, vacuum valves, hydraulic valves, temperature regulator valves, and tools, bellows, thermostats, different types of filters, and different types of piping.

Electronics: Test for example: different types of electronic parts and devices, different types of batteries, different types of casings, cellular phones, casings for cellular phones, cellular phone antennas, alarm buttons, different types of lights, amplifiers, phones, optical sensors, com radios,  electric heaters, shavers, and weapon sights etc.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic: Test for example: different types of hydraulic and pneumatic components, valves, hydraulic motors, cylinders, all types of tubing, pipes and couplings, different types of water mixers, outboard drives, compressors, pressure tanks, bottle gas tanks, WC flushing mechanisms, and different types of jacks.

Casting: Test for example: different types of housing and covers, oil sumps, gear box houses, bearing box covers, clutch housing, range housing, engine blocks, coolers etc.