Our software package mosCura® helps you manage your production data and collects data from the production equipment. This provides access to current as well as historic production information, which can be used to optimize the production equipment.

What is mosCura®?

Our production software platform mosCura® provides more control to manufacturers and allows for increased product traceability.  The production solution modules are highly adaptable and flexible and can handle a vast array of production equipment at the same time.

The platform is built in MVC 4.0 and is entirely web-based giving you the freedom to access data from any web browser and the network where the platform is hosted. Configurable from one user up to multiple end users our software can easily grow and have both machine modules as well as application modules added to it.

We have a number of application modules available ranging from parameter management for the machines, efficiency overviews, data gathering and data sharing modules with, for instance, your ERP system, and a troubleshooting module.

By integrating mosCura® into your production process you will be able to manage your data better and optimise your entire range of equipment for better efficiencies and savings.