We were founded in 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden where our headquarters are today and we have subsidiaries in Malaysia, USA, Denmark & Hungary, as well as approximately 15 distributors worldwide.

Over 4 decades in operation

With over 40 years experience, Nolek has become the world’s leading manufacturer of custom built machines for leak testing, leak detection and proof testing. This has been achieved through close and iterative collaborations with our customers in developing the right kind of tools and services to meet their business and technical needs.

We see each customer relationship as a a collaboration

Over the years, Nolek has built hundreds of custom-tailored machines ranging from the smallest pharmaceutical packages to testing large truck engine blocks.

In addition to building test systems, we can provide customers with guidance throughout the entire process ranging from product design advice (to make it compatible with the objected leak test requirements) to assistance with maintenance, service and calibration.

We have developed our own line of decay type instruments and related calibration tools and are able to deliver any type of test method ranging from our decay technology to the most sensitive helium leak detection methods.

Our extensive experience, which includes all measurement and detection methods, has resulted in a broad knowledge and understanding of customised leak testing equipment across a wide range of industries.