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Quality and value are our primary drivers

Our vision is to assist in improving our customers’ product specification(s) and production requirements. Quality is a KEY word and it is a major goal of Nolek’s management to ensure that every employee constantly applies the best possible quality principles.

Leak detection today is used in many applications from heavy industrial requirements such as on oil platforms to the most demanding applications in the medical, science and space-related fields. Each of those areas require tailored solutions and instruments. Additionally, all applications require more and more stringent specifications and have to meet international standards.

From conventional methods to other measurement techniques

We can utilise all available technologies within leak detection and testing, as well as proof testing and have excellent know-how of all measurement methods (i.e. pressure measurement, flow measurement and gas/helium measurement). Conventional pressure and flow measurement methods are offered for most applications, but if technical conditions or stringent requirements need to be met we can use the helium method.

Our long experience and knowledge of helium leak testing is unique. Ultimately, together with our customers, we decide which method is best suited for their specific needs.


With over 40 years in existence we have always worked with quality as our guiding principle – and this is reflected in the reputation and reliability of our products and services.

We are on a mission to become the world’s leading total solution provider within leak testing. In order to reach this goal, Nolek, wants to partner with its customers to reach high set quality standards. In fact, Nolek doesn´t believe that high quality standards are enough – we think our customers deserve to have products with outstanding quality.

Our Quality² © concept with six simple steps to success

Nolek will help its customers design products that meet leak testing requirements according to pre-set standards in that specific industry.
Nolek will custom engineer or find an instrument that can test the customer’s product in the most cost efficient manner possible.
Nolek will engineer and build its machines according to ISO 9001, GXP, CE, and UL specification requirements.
Nolek will focus on quality every step of the way, from the drawing board to the finalized product.
Nolek will help the customer adapt newly developed proprietary software to monitor and control the production process in order to track yield, quality and overall efficiency.
Nolek will offer its customers different service packages, from a preventative service and corrective service, to taking the complete service responsibility 24-7.
Together, let us make Quality² ©, the new industry standard.

Enviromental and quality policy

Please follow the link  Environmental and Quality policy.


What we promise to ourselves and our customers

For us, quality is satisfying our customers’ demands and needs, which is often partly expressed through product specifications.
Quality shall be a vital reason for the customer’s decision to choose us.
Our commitment and services shall be formed in a professional and occupationally correct manner. This will be achieved with reliable and effective targets and routines that will be secured through continuous updates and improvements.
We are constantly working with new goals to improve our organization.
The main objective after an accomplished assignment is customer satisfaction with the final product
We will work with a wide margin to abide by current legislations, both regionally and internationally
We aim at using raw materials and energy effectively and carefully, thus working to minimize environmental pollution
Through continuous information and further education we will make all parties aware of their respective possibilities to contribute and improve environmental/quality concerns in our organization.
The environment is our focus and we help our customers administer product leak tests that minimize discharge (e.g. oil and gases) into our environment.
We apply environmentally friendly product development practices. One example being our development of a Helium Recovery System, that while saving costs, also reduces environmental impacts.
The environment is a priority for us and we will continuously work with the best available technologies, while respecting the environment.
These norms apply to both Nolek, as well as its employees.


Personnel responsible is Birgitta Ritcher.

You are entitled to contact us if you want to know what we have about you, to request correction, transfer, to request the handling of your personal information, to object or request the deletion of your information. You reach our Data Protection Officer at If you have complaints about our processing of your personal data, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Datainspektionen.